• Welcome to the New Urban Garden!

    Vertical Hydroponics Systems that let you enjoy growing vegetables and herbs at home

  • With THDC Vertical Grow Technology it's easy to grow leafy vegetables, herbs and flowers on any vertical surface

    Wall Mounted - Single Towers - Rack Systems

  • Using our HydroLush hydroponic nutrients and bio-additives, mixing your own hydroponic solution is easy

    Measure - Pour - Stir

  • Our Vertical Hydroponic Systems free you from much of the strain and burden of traditional soil based growing and let you

    Enjoy the Garden!

Welcome to the New Urban Garden


Introducing Vertical Hydroponic Grow Tube Technology from Taiwan Hydroponic Development Co., Ltd. (THDC)  – a new idea in urban gardening that will get you interested in growing vegetables, herbs and flowers around your home!


Company Mission:

THDC is focused on bringing affordable hydroponics technology to urban consumers - homeowners and commercial growers. Hydroponic gardening does not need to be a complicated, expensive enterprise with indoor grow beds and specialized lighting. We not only want to make gardening accessible to everyone, we want to take the hassle out of it so people with busy urban lifestyles can relax and enjoy gardening while getting the fulfillment that comes from growing your own food.   Our systems preform well outside in natural light as well as indoors with properly installed artificial light.

We have worked hard to develop closed vertical grow systems that are suited for urban environments and take advantage of local weather and outdoor environmental conditions. Our systems use eco-friendly grow media and efficiently use nutrients and additives in sustainable way.

We are committed to improving our technology and providing friendly, efficient serve to all of our customers.

Vertical hydroponic grow systems make it possible to cultivate high density production in a limited space. For the urban gardener, areas that were once too small and unsuitable for growing become feasible garden spots.  Home growers are able to save water and inputs while maximizing crop production per size of area used. For the commercial grower, vertical production not only maximizes the use of space, but also decreases labor and other input costs. Whether used for ornamental gardens, small herb and veggie patches or larger scale agricultural operations or research, a vertical grow array is one of the most efficient systems available.

Major advantages of THDC Vertical Hydroponic Grow Systems over tradition hydroponic systems include:

  • Efficient use of Space: compact towers design allows higher production anywhere from 3-8 times more plants per meter with vertical growing.

  • Efficient use of inputs: Less energy and less water (up to 85% savings on water)

  • Better control of root zone temperature, drainage and oxygen levels.

  • Direct sales: cleaner, harvest standing up, no washing, etc.

  • Excessive rainfall is not a problem; root zone remain aerated and functioning efficiently in enclosed tubes.

  • Crops: arugula, amaranth, basella, lettuce, spinach, kang kong (water spinach), herbs, flowers, etc.

  • Towers can be used inside or outside.

  • Towers can be transported to different locations with resident plants intact.

  • Towers are easier and less expensive to cover with shade or crop covers.

  • Towers are less expensive to fence and protect from animals or intruders.

  • Towers are durable, light and easy to maintain - less expensive than many other hydroponic systems.

  • Towers have a long lifetime and coconut coir growing media can be recycled and is eco-friendly when disposed of.